Customer Comments

Velocity Broadband is extremely reliable even in the worst conditions. I highly recommend it!  C Foster, Vass

Velocity Broadband has given me the opportunity to join 21st Century technology with a high-speed connection. Since I live outside of other high speed providers, Velocity Broadband has made it possible for me to send photos and large files to friends and relatives. I can now work from home with confidence that my internet connection is safe.  Thanks, Velocity Broadband.  Deborah Wilson, Southern Pines

I love the fast connect and it is working perfectly! Velocity Broadband is a wonderful way for those of us living in the country to have fast internet. The connection is dependable, but even more important, the service they provide is outstanding!  Marcia Bryant, Southern Pines

After having experienced the frustration of dial-up, it was truly a pleasure discovering Velocity Broadband. The service and personal touch provided far exceeded what I expected! I have and will continue to recommend this service to anyone.  Joe Navarro, Vass

They have been delightful to work with! Velocity Broadband has exhibited the very best qualities and characteristics that one hopes to find in an internet company.  They have been entirely professional as well as helpful regarding technical support and went to great lengths to get us hooked up to their wireless service. What more can be said of a company that gives terrific service at terrific rates!   

John and Lin Burgess, Southern Pines


Velocity Broadband has allowed those of us outside the city limits the ability to have high speed internet service. Fast, professional people to deal with make it even better. They went the extra mile to obtain a good signal. The best part of it is the reliability!! Highly recommended!!

Brian Bowman, Bowmans Computer Services, Carthage


Velocity Broadband has supplied us with fast and reliable internet services for several months. Our business demands an internet connection 24 hours a day and they have delivered. We are very impressed with the quality of service from Velocity Broadband. The knowledge of wireless communication was very impressive to all of us.

Great Service at a great price, we can't ask for anything more.

Riddle Equipment, Carthage


I am very pleased to say that Velocity Broadband has made it possible for us to enjoy High Speed Internet! The service is excellent and reliable, I recommend it to anyone interested in fast internet with the quality service and knowledge to back it up.  Steve Hinesley, Vass


Switching from AOL to Velocity Broadband was a wonderful idea. Downloads take only seconds and the service is impeccable! If at any time you have a question, it will be answered fast and courteously. You absolutely get what you pay for, and more! Shalimar Eason, Vass


Velocity Broadband is great and super fast for us country boys that online game.  I was a former Roadrunner customer until I moved to the country and was glad to see there was something just as fast or faster than Roadrunner. The personal support is great! They really value you as a customer!  Eddie Douglas, Carthage

Thank You for the personal and caring service you provided us with while setting us up with an account. We are telling everyone we know about your availability and great service. Virgina, Cameron