Velocity Broadband Terms


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the install cost and how long will it take? There is a one time set-up charge of $199.95 for installation*. A site survey will be scheduled within a few days to determine certain line of site requirements and to set up the installation date. There is no charge for a site survey. If the site survey determines that trees or other obstructions could interfere with and affect the reliability of the wireless signal, you will be advised what can be done to overcome the obstructions. In some cases you may be informed that the service will not be available at your location. It takes 3-4 hrs. to do an install.

* nonrefundable 

What are the minimum hardware recommendations for my computer to connect with Velocity Broadband and what is included in the installation?

We recommend that you have a PC running a current version of the Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems with a current release of an Internet browser and a 10/100 Ethernet connection.The standard installation includes a subscriber module, mouting pole and bracket, lightening arrester, grounding wire, 24v power supply, 6 ft. Ethernet patch cable and single network port. Cat5 cable is used to make the connection.

Will I be able to connect multiple computers to my Velocity Broadband Internet connection?

Yes, you can configure as many computer connections at your site as you want for no additional charge by first installing a DHCP device (router) to the broadband network connection.

Will there be ongoing technical support?

Yes, free technical support regarding Velocity Broadband wireless issues is available seven days a week from 9am to 9pm. Just call 910 783-9900 or go online at

How do I order and how can I pay for the service?

Ordering is easy! Just call 910 783-9900 or contact us by email right from this website. We will get in touch with you and schedule a site survey of your location. Payment can be made by check or credit card at the time of installation.

Ongoing charges for monthly service will be automatically billed to your Visa/MC.