Velocity Broadband Terms


Technical Support Policy

We will always assist you over the phone, but we recommend you first try the Troubleshooting Checklist below. (Print this out and keep a copy by your computer.)

Networking issues and slow running computers are the main cause of problems reported.

There is no additional monthly charge for networking (running multiple computers) and  Velocity Broadband is not responsible for maintaining your inside network.

Troubleshooting Checklist


  1. Check your power supply: Is the transformer plugged in and have power? Is the green light on?


  1. Check your CAT 5 cable: Is there a secure (tight) connection at the wall plate? Is there a good connection at the power cable?


  1. Check your Ethernet connection: Is the black “pig-tail” plug connected at the back of your computer’s Ethernet port? If you are using a router, refer to Router Troubleshooting tips below.


  1. Check your LAN icon: Move your cursor to the lower right hand taskbar over the small icon that looks like a small computer screen. What is the status? It should show “local area connection speed 100.0Mbps packets Sent…Received…”

If you see a red X over the icon, double click to open the network connection. What is the status? If it is disabled, double click to enable. If it shows unplugged, recheck your connections from step #1. If you are still experiencing connection problems please call Tech Support at 910 783-9900.


Router Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. If your network uses a router please re-verify step #4 above. If you configured your router it should be set to “DHCP obtain address automatically” on the WAN side. If you are using a wireless router the icon in the lower right hand taskbar will say “wireless network connection” and the name of the router or network (SSID) that you are receiving. What is the status? Is there a red X?


  1. Wired Routers: Is the black “pig-tail” plug connected in the WAN port on the back of your router? Also verify the connection on the back of router’s LAN ports. This cable(s) should be connector to your computer(s). If these cables are connected then go to step #4.


  1. Wireless Routers: Is the black “pig-tail” plug connected in the WAN port on the back of your router?  Depending on the type of wireless computer or adapter you are using, you should be able to “refresh” the connection by “viewing the available networks” by double or right clicking on the computer icons in the lower right hand taskbar. See step #1 router troubleshooting tips.


  1. Wireless Adapters: If you are using a wireless notebook adapter or wireless card in your computer, please keep your quick start guide and software. If there is ever a connection problem reloading the software usually resolves it.


Networking Issues: Velocity Broadband’s goal is to deliver high quality, reliable, fast broadband service to our customers. Our guarantee is that internet service is available at the demarcation point (wall port ethernet connection). We will always try to help you resolve networking problems over the phone but due to the multitude of network devices that we do not control, (i.e. routers, switches, home wireless networking equipment) we can not be responsible for maintaining your inside network. In the event the problem can’t be resolved over the phone Velocity Broadband will dispatch a technician, but if the problem is past our demarcation point you will be billed for a service call at the dispatch rate of $50/hour.