What is Wireless Internet Access?

Velocity Broadband creates the next generation of Broadband with very fast internet access in its simplest form, (through the air) without the use of the telephone or cable company. We install a SUBSCRIBER MODULE at your home or business that communicates at the speed of light with strategically placed access points up to 20 miles away.

Velocity Broadband is faster than DSL, and readily deployed in rural areas. It is comparable or faster than CABLE modem access, and is designed not to degrade during peak periods of users on the system. Velocity Broadband is available in many places where cable modems haven't arrived and aren't likely to. Velocity Broadband is much faster and more cost effective than SATELLITE and is never limited to the bandwidth transmitted to it.

How reliable is it?

Since there are no telephone company switches or cable company head-ins involved, connecting to the internet over a wireless link is very reliable. We also use every effort during installation to test and ensure a reliable connection. You never have to log on since Velocity Broadband wireless connection is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS READY! You won't need an extra phone line for internet and you will never have to wait for downloads.